Car Engine Maintenance

After you’ve taken the time to search for your next new vehicle and spent your hard-earned money, it is only reasonable to make sure your investment is always protected. The easiest way to protect your vehicle is to keep it maintained regularly. At Buist Motor Products LTD, we encourage automotive consumers from Lacombe, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and surrounding areas of British Columbia to keep up with regular maintenance. We invite you to visit our service centre and speak to our advisors to find the best course of action because maintaining your vehicle is vital to the longevity of the various components. Or you are welcome to schedule a service appointment online and skip the rush.


Your engine has numerous moving parts, and all of them need to be lubricated on a regular basis. The amount of strain that your engine endures on a daily basis is difficult to measure. Thousands and thousands of mini-explosions create stress and heat inside and outside your engine. The oil in your engine is the most important component that will help to keep it running as it should.

Like any other oil, engine oil will also break down over time. As you drive your vehicle, your engine oil’s viscosity weakens, thus not allowing it to protect and lubricate your engine’s moving parts. This is why it’s extremely important to inspect and replace engine oil on a regular basis. As the engine oil breaks down under high temperatures, the result will be carbon deposits; these deposits can make their way into the engine ventilation system and then spread to the engine’s intake. This will further compound the issue of not changing your oil regularly. All of these issues can cause engine damage or even complete engine failure. So get into the practice of regularly changing your oil and keep your engine parts well lubricated and clean.


There’s no golden rule when it comes to checking your oil; however, it is important to maintain proper oil levels at all times. After you purchase a new vehicle, it’s best to check the oil level every 1,000 km as some modern vehicles will consume oil between oil changes. Otherwise, you will notice that your new vehicle does not consume any oil at all; in that case, make sure to check your oil every 3,000 kilometres, and if it’s showing close to full, then you know you want to check it next time. Our new vehicle inventory is full of fantastic vehicles that are sure to fulfill your needs and wants, and many of them come with an engine oil indicator. This feature keeps you aware of the condition of your engine oil. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our service centre for more information.