Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles


Certified pre-owned vehicles are vehicles offered by dealerships to sell previously owned vehicles. Many of the sold cars as certified pre-owned are lightly-used and typically have low mileages on them. Unlike new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles have already depreciated slightly in value, providing customers with the excellent opportunity to own like-new cars at lower costs. Aside from price, there are numerous other benefits to owning a certified pre-owned vehicle.


Vehicles sold through certified pre-owned are given multi-point inspections before being in our pre-owned inventory through Buist Motors. During an examination, multiple certified technicians assess the quality of an entire vehicle and its components. This certification provides reassurance of a vehicle's quality. While certified vehicles classify as used vehicles, many used cars receive light inspections before they are cleaned up and sold to buyers. These lightly inspected used vehicles can sometimes have significant issues that were missed during their inspections.

Complementary to physical condition requirements that the vehicles have to meet, certified pre-owned cars must meet mileage and model year restraints. Vehicles deemed too old or are over specific mileage are not offered or accepted through the certified pre-owned vehicles market. Certified pre-owned cars are commonly backed by dealership warranties and manufacturer warranties, guaranteeing that the vehicles are in good physical conditions and running conditions. These warranties cover most parts of their cars, if not the entire vehicles themselves. Pre-owned car warranties, often included with a pre-owned vehicle, can either be extended warranties, protecting the vehicles after the manufacturer warranties have expired, or warranties are covering the cars from the dates they are purchased. Before buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, inquire about the warranty you will receive for your car.


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