Manufacturer Offer

Non-Stackable Cash Delivery Allowance (NSCDA) - CBG

  1. $2,000 cash back
  • Applies to select new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

  • Reminder:This HOL contains Non-Stackable Cash Delivery Allowances for Chevrolet, Buick and GMC models only. For Cadillac Non-Stackable Cash Delivery Allowances, please see HOL 2020-228. Eligible amounts and vehicles have been revised. Please see section 4 of this home office letter and/or the most recent incentive summary chart for more details.UPDATE TO CLAIM TIMING: - Claims must be submitted via OWB within 60 days of the program end date. Claims submitted after 60 days will be rejected and will not be eligible for payment.- A manual claim form containing an authorization signature from both the District Manager and Regional Manager, as well as rationale as to why it was missed along with supporting documentation, is required for claims submitted after the 60 day deadline. REMINDER:Going forward, program guidelines will no longer appear as an appendix and will be updated as a revision to this Home Office Letter. Incentive changes will be communicated both by this Home Office Letter and the Incentive Summary Chart. The Non-Stackable Cash Delivery Allowance (NSC) is a Manufacturer-to-Dealer incentive that can be used at Dealer discretion to enhance competitiveness. Examples include: - Reducing the negotiated price to customer - Enhancing the customer trade-in allowance- Dealers can apply NSCDA towards their customer’s new vehicle purchase NOTE: The Non-Stackable Cash Delivery Allowance must be applied to the vehicle purchase as shown in the calculation section within the appropriate HOL for purchases under the GM, Dealer Employee, Preferred Pricing or Executive Referral Programs and not towards the trade value for the vehicle. This incentive is not compatible with Subvented Finance Rates (RBC, TD Auto Finance, Scotiabank) or Subvented Lease Programs (GM Financial, Variable, Near Prime) or Finance/Lease Cash. This incentive is compatible with the Stackable Cash Delivery Allowance.
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