Top 5 Signs to Tell Your Battery Needs Service

Sign you may need a car battery service

Your car battery is quite literally the heart of your vehicle.  Not only is your battery vital for firing up your engine, but it also supplies power to all the vehicle's electrical components.  Without a fully equipped and operating battery, you will be heading nowhere quick.

Luckily for you, Buist Motor Products LTD not only showcases new and used vehicles for sale, but we also operate a fully authorized and premier Service and Parts Centre for all your vehicle maintenance needs and repairs.  If you think your car battery requires service or replacement, contact us or schedule an appointment with our Service Technicians today!

What You Need To Know About Your Car Battery

While starting a car to you may be as simple as pressing a button or turning a key, your battery is doing a lot more than you realize.  A signal is sent to the battery to commence an internal chemical reaction by starting the ignition.  The reaction generates electrical energy that gets the motor functioning and the engine turning.  If your battery is depleted, your lights may glimmer, but your engine won't turn over.

When you replace your battery, its lifespan varies depending on how long it can be recharged and how long it can maintain its charge.  Once your battery can no longer be restored, it is dead.  Under perfect driving conditions, no extreme temperatures or excessive humidity, your new battery can last up to six years.

Although each battery's lifespan differs, it is safe to say most cars will require a new battery every four years.  For most Alberta drivers who are familiar with harsh winter conditions, the lifespan of your battery may be slightly shorter.  Once your battery is three years old, you should start paying attention to how your vehicle is running.  The next time you come in for your scheduled service appointment, ask our technicians to check your battery.

5 Signs Your Battery Needs Service or Replacement

It is always good to watch for signs your battery may need service or replacement.  Below we have listed some warning signs to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that will not start.

  • A Slow Start - Over time, your battery's components will wear out and become less effective. Once that happens, it takes the batter longer to refill its charge and cause a few seconds delay for your engine to turn over.
  • Electrical Issues and Dim Lights - If your battery is losing its charge, it will have difficulty running electrical components. The more items you plugin, i.e. your phone charger, the quicker your battery will die.
  • Check Engine Light - Take your car into our Service Centre for diagnostics. If your battery is not operating at full capacity, you should get it replaced.
  • Corroded Connections - Corroded terminals can lead to voltage issues and trouble starting your car.
  • Bad Smell - Battery damage or an internal short can cause your battery to leak gas. If you smell rotten eggs when you pop open the hood, get your battery checked out immediately.

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