Why Oil Change is Important?

Why Oil Change is Important

Schedule your Oil Change with Buist Motor Products LTD in Rimbey, Alberta

Motor oil is what gives your engine life, which is why we at Buist Motor Products LTD can't stress the importance of regular oil changes enough. If you're based in Rimbey, Alberta or any of the nearby areas of Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, or Lacombe, our dealership's service centre is the ideal choice for all your vehicle's maintenance and service needs. Get in touch with us today to schedule your oil change. We'll have you back at the wheel in no time.

4 Reasons to Get Your Vehicle's Oil Changed Regularl

  •    Optimal Fuel Efficiency    

    Simply put, the better your motor oil's quality, the smoother your engine runs. Neglecting your engine's oil leaves your motor little choice but to work harder, thereby doing a number on your fuel consumption and, by extension, your wallet. In other words, you don't have to be a mechanic to see that regularly scheduled oil changes are a mere matter of dollars and cents.

  •     Reducing Your Engine's Build-Up and Wear and Tear  

    Newly changed motor oil's inherent cleaning action prevents carbon and varnish from building up and damaging your engine. If you hit the road on the daily, dirt and other pesky particles often find their way into your engine and can keep it from running smoothly over time. An oil change rids your motor of such intruders and gets it running in top form again.

  •     Prolonged Engine Life   

    Since your engine can't run without motor oil, suffice it to say that regular oil changes can optimize its lifespan. Between its cleansing properties, lubrication of the engine's chief components, and knack for enhancing fuel efficiency, there's nothing like a regularly scheduled oil change to help you enjoy your vehicle to the fullest.

  •     A Cool and Lubricated Engine   

    A component that works as tirelessly as your engine is bound to produce a lot of heat, and its oil plays an instrumental role in cooling its parts. Not only does clean oil keep your engine from overheating, it also forms a seal between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls to keep everything lubricated and running smoothly.

As for how often you should get your motor oil changed, we recommend consulting your owner's manual or a member of our service team. Contact us today for further details on oil changes and our many other services.

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