Tips for Extending Car Tire Life

Tips for Extending Car Tire Life


At Buist Motor Products LTD, we believe maintaining your vehicle begins before you bring it to our service centre. With a few valuable tips from our dealership, you can prolong your vehicle’s and car tires’ lifespan significantly, and if you’re based in Rimbey, Alberta or the nearby areas of Lacombe, Red Deer, or Sylvan Lake, you can schedule all your tire maintenance appointments with our service centre.


  • Monthly Pressure Checks

    Staying on top of your tires’ pressure is the simplest and safest way to optimize their lifespan. Tires can lose as much as one pound per square inch of pressure per month, and such changes can lead to greater stopping distance and increase both wear and tear and the odds of a blowout. It’s also important to note that cold weather tends to decrease your tires’ air pressure, while warm weather does the opposite. Not only will monthly pressure checks keep you safe on the road, they’ll also help maintain fuel efficiency and keep you from spending more on gas than you need to.

  • Regularly Scheduled Tire Rotation

    Since many vehicles don’t come with all-wheel drive, there’s a good chance your car’s tires will wear down unevenly, although four-wheel drivetrains can also produce the same fate due to their ever-changing power distribution. Rotating your tires will help you manage such wear and tear, as one of our technicians will change your tires’ positions to give those on the drive wheels a deserved break and even out their usage. We recommend getting your tires rotated at our dealership every 8,000 kilometres or so.

  • Balanced Wheels

    Even brand-new tires have their heavy spots, which can cause them to vibrate and wear down unevenly. Luckily, you can minimize the potential damage by getting your wheels balanced when you bring your vehicle to our service centre for tire rotation. Using a specialized machine and small weights, our technicians can balance out each wheel and adjust according to your tires’ condition. This simple service is carried out in no time and spares you the expense of new tires.

  • Alignment Checks

    It doesn’t take much to throw your vehicle’s alignment out of whack or notice that it’s askew, as misaligned cars tend to drift and cause your steering wheel to vibrate. Misalignment can do a number on your fuel consumption and wear your tires out prematurely, which is why we strongly recommend getting your alignment checked twice a year, especially during our province’s often tough winters.

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