Here at Buist Motors, we pride ourselves in providing quality care to customers here in Rimbey, Alberta, while also serving the surrounding areas of Lacombe, Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. We offer our customers a helping hand to help them bring home the right car.

Finding the right car is step one, but the most crucial step afterward is car maintenance. You want the right vehicle to last a long time, and proper car care is critical. It is essential to make sure that everything is running smoothly to prevent any issues. One common problem is cars overheat. A car overheating can wear down the engine prematurely and prevent its components from working correctly. Some of the top reasons for cars overheating are:

  • Coolant Concerns

    Engine coolant is responsible for cooling down the engine as it passes through inside channels. If there are any coolant issues, then a car is likely to overheat. For example, if there is any rust or buildup in the engine, coolant may not pass through the engine properly and may not do its job. Low coolant levels will also lead to overheating if there is a fluid leak anywhere in the engine.

    It is also essential to make sure you are using the proper coolant in your car. Not every car uses the same type of coolant. Different coolants are diluted differently and can lead to overheating if not in the correct engine.

  • Water Pump Issues

    The water pump is responsible for pushing coolant through the engine and maintaining a stable coolant flow. Issues like corrosion, a contaminated coolant system or an unstable coolant flow may result in your water pump braking. If this is the case, then the coolant will not correctly regulate the engine temperature, and the engine will overheat.

  • Radiator Troubles

    Radiator troubles will also cause a car to overheat. The radiator could be the issue, or more likely, there could be an issue with the radiator fan. If either of these components is having a problem, then the engine coolant is not being cooled, meaning that it will not be cooling the engine as it passes through.


Don’t let your car surprise you. Being on top of your car’s maintenance will help you catch any issues before they arise or prevent them altogether. Let us help you in the process.¬†Schedule a service appointment¬†with our Service Centre so you can have peace of mind on the road. Contact us today for any more information about how you can prevent your car from overheating and keep it in its best working condition.